How to Declutter a Kitchen Counter

If your kitchen counter is cluttered, it can be difficult to find the space to cook or prep meals. Here are some tips to help you declutter your kitchen counter and make more space for cooking and entertaining.

Keep your kitchen countertops clean

You should try to keep your countertops clean. You can see clutter starting at the countertops. This is why clutter-free kitchens have clear and clean counters.

Do not allow yourself to use your countertop as a storage area for keys, mail, magazines, dirty dishes and other bits of miscellanea.

In fact, the key to organizing counters is to make them as empty possible. Instead of keeping your kitchen tools and other necessities in drawers, cabinets or on shelves, consider storing them in drawers, cabinets, or even on shelves.

Items on the counter should only be items you use regularly.

Kitchen canisters

Canister sets are something to consider! In fact, they can actually add a lot of modern flair to your kitchen.

For example, you could use a stainless-steel scooper to fill the dry goods jars. Or, you could fill the jars with trendy, colorful straws. Either way, canister sets are still a great way to keep your kitchen organized and stylish.

In addition, there are many other things you can do with kitchen canisters, including using them for laundry room storage, bathroom storage, or planting flowers.

Laundry room storage: You can use kitchen canisters to store clothespins, rags or cleaning products. This is a great way to keep your laundry room organized and tidy.

Bathroom storage: You can also use kitchen canisters to store hair ties and bobby pins or headbands. This is a great way to keep your bathroom organized and tidy. Plus, it looks great!

Planting flowers: You can use kitchen canisters to plant fresh or faux flowers. This is a great way to add some color and life to your home.

Where to store electrical appliances in the kitchen

There are three main rules to follow when it comes to storing electrical appliances in the kitchen:

  1. Frequently used appliances should always be within easy reach, either on the countertop or on the bottom shelf of an above-cabinet cabinet.
  2. Less frequently used appliances can be stored on the top shelf of an upper cupboard, but should still be kept close to where they will be used.
  3. Rarely used appliances can be stored at the top of cabinets, but again, should still be kept close to where they will be needed.

How to style appliances on the counter

Your kitchen appliances should be arranged in a way that makes your most frequently used items easily visible while keeping your less-used ones away.

It is a good idea to place the appliances that you use regularly on your kitchen counter, and then store the less frequently used ones in a drawer or cabinet.

This will help keep your counters organized and tidy, and will make it easy for you to find what you need when you need it.

Should you leave appliances on the counter?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to leave appliances on the counter.

First, how often do you use the appliance? If you only use it once or twice a year, it might be better to store it away.

Second, what is the purpose of the appliance? If it is for decoration, you might want to consider mounting it on the wall instead.

Finally, what is the overall look of your kitchen? If leaving the appliance on the counter would make your kitchen look cluttered, it might be better to find another storage solution.

Where to place a toaster

There are a few different ways that you can place your toaster on a kitchen counter. One way is to position the toaster in a corner so that it is out of the way and not in direct line of sight.

Another option is to place the toaster on a kitchen island or breakfast bar. This allows easy access to the toaster without having to reach over other appliances or items on the counter.

However, if you use your toaster infrequently, it should not stay on the counter. Appliances that are used infrequently, can be stored in a cabinet or pantry. This will help keep your countertops clear and clutter-free.

How to display small kitchen appliances

You can keep small appliances hidden behind closed doors, but still have them at your fingertips by designing a kitchen cabinet to be used as a breakfast area and snack bar. Pullout shelves can be used as a work area and electrical outlets can be installed inside the cabinet.

New countertops can make a difference

It is possible to replace cabinets and put new countertops in them. This will give you a new, beautiful kitchen.

Author: Jay Baxter


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